High School Senior Sawyer Howitt Already Tackling the Business World

Don’t let his young age fool you. Even though he hasn’t graduated high school yet, Sawyer Howitt already has a huge grasp on how the business world works. It’s not only from being the son of David Howitt, the Founder and CEO of the Meriwether Group, it comes from practical experience. He has already had several administrative internships, and has overseen many philanthropic and social programs ranging from education funding to women’s rights to mentoring troubled youth. Like most teens, Howitt enjoys sports, music, and fashion, but also looks to see how they intersect with the business world. He also has worked at Kure Juice bars in order to gain experience in the customer service field. Howitt plans to study Entrepreneurial Finance at Columbia University.

His father’s company, the Meriwether Group, aids prospective entrepreneurs with funding and strategic options. Along with funding options for entrepreneurs, the company also helps with brand building, licensing, merchandising, and international expansion.

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  1. What intrigues me most about Sawyer Howitt is his passion for greater success and result and that has driven him to been such a huge figure in his father’s business as such an age. According to the review of, best essay writer, i think, he has been able to dismantle the age barrier as a factor for business success. He has been able to give back to the society also with his philanthropic gestures which i think is very commendable and most of our young ones would model him for sure.


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