Mikhail Blagosklonny: Looking for the Fountain of Youth

It has been believed and thought ever since that aging is being caused by our own cell’s degeneration, and that nothing cannot prevent it or stop it. However, a new theory came out just recently stating that aging is just the continuous phase of growth, and a substance called rapamycin – if given in proper doses and schedules – could actually prevent sickness and diseases through the strengthening of the immune system and possibly prolong human life. Initially, this theory was ridiculed by scientists – but five years later, they realized how possible this theory could be executed in real life. The leading scientist and researcher for the anti-aging drug, Mikhail Blagosklonny, has been extending his effort and resources just to do extensive studies and researches about this particular field in medicine. He got his M.D. and PhD at the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg, and right after graduation, he decided to work at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute as an oncology professor. Visit classroomvoices.org to read more about Mikhail.

Mikhail Blagosklonny formulated a hypothesis regarding rapamycin’s main role of target. He stated in this work that there could be possible signals in the aging process and the formulation of cancer, and how rapamycin is responsible for it. He proposed that the well-known cancer drug rapamycin can also be used to extend someone’s life by treating the aging process. A huge chunk of his time goes into the research of anti-aging drugs, and he is very passionate about it, working overtime just to get the results that he wanted. His research have also reached some of the major headlines in the United States lately, as Novartis, which is a major player in the pharmaceutical industry, have started creating a similar drug which aims to treat aging. It has the same component as the one Mikhail Blagosklonny is proposing, and they are doing it for the sake of human longevity. In the early days of his research, Mikhail Blagosklonny have found out how rapamycin can rejuvenate the body’s immune system, transforming an immunity that have been aging for a while to an immunity similar to that of an infant. In the span of the research, he also found out that rapamycin is safe and has no side effects. The potential with rapamycin is humongous, and its name is now echoing in the world of medicine. It was also given a title recently as the cornerstone of humanity’s quest to search for the fountain of youth.

Based on the research that were conducted inside the laboratory, it has been found out that rapamycin can stop the aging process with the help of its two centric models – MTOR and TOR. According to Mikhail Blagosklonny’s research, the TOR Centric Model can be divided into three sources, which are genetics, cellular senescence and diseases. In genetics, some findings have seen that a small number of genes possess the TOR Centric Model. For cellular senescence, it has been found out that deteriorating cells could revert back into fresh new cells with the help of rapamycin. Lastly, research shows that patients with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, cancer and benign tumor have a good source of TOR Centric Model. For now, evidences are being gathered as to how these two centric models contribute to the possible ability of rapamycin to treat aging. The scientists and researchers have been working double time in order to introduce a prototype in the near future, so that one day, immortality would no longer a myth, but a reality – and we can thank people like Mikhail Blagosklonny for that. Read more on templeofthecave.com

Roberto Santiago: King of Luxurious Fun

As a teenager, Roberto Santiago harbored entrepreneurial dreams and even dabbled a little bit. He went to Pio X-Marist College and later University Center of Joao Pessoa for his undergraduate degree in business administration. Born in 1958 in Joao Pessoa, Brazil, Roberto is a business visionary whose nose for opportunity is almost unrivaled. He worked at a local eatery in his hometown while he saved up for his first business. He used the money to start an enterprise dealing in decorative products. This venture was quite successful.

Know more: https://www.mundodomarketing.com.br/noticias-corporativas/conteudo/108959/manaira-shopping-de-roberto-santiago-e-referencia-em-diversao-na-capital-da-paraiba

Notable Business in Brazil

In 1987, Roberto bought land on which he was to erect his first mall. The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall was ready to launch in 1989. The business model leaned towards offering diverse leisure, comfort, and fun opportunities. In the mall was housed a large food court, 10,000m2 entertainment area, at least eight cinema rooms, state of the art bowling alley, gym, bank, and college. Approximately 280 businesses are housed under the Manaira roof. On the roof, however, is one more point of luxury. The Domus Hall, launched in 2009, is an air-conditioned concert hall with an ultra modern sound system.

What More About Domus Hall?

The hall has a capacity of 4,000 seating and more than double that standing audience. This chamber has attracted some famous acts and has been a venue for some very prestigious weddings and parties. The mall caters to a clientele of all walks of life. There fast food courts as well as gourmet restaurants and other high-end establishments. A family, no matter the depth of their pockets can enjoy a wide array of activities at this mall. The standards of the mall are kept consistently up to date with a modern electronic amusement park added to the menu of luxurious activities.

Yet Another Tower of Luxury and Fun

On 30th November 2014, 5,000 excited guests walked through the doors of the prestigious Mangabeira Shopping Mall in Joao Pessoa. This is yet another brainchild of Roberto Santiago. The 112,000m2 structure houses more than 200 stores. The venture has provided 4,500 jobs with $200 Million invested. The architecture of the mall allows for a lot of natural lighting. With a ceiling height of 6.5m and 8.1m at the front, the air inside is fresh and tranquil with large glass windows of beautiful displays and brightness. Read more at Blog Do Gordinho.

What a Reputation!

Roberto Santiago’s name is synonymous with luxury and the very best amenities money can offer. Mangabeira Shopping Mall boasts programmable climate controls and lighting.

Roberto Santiago’s malls have brought positive socio-economic impact to the city of Joao Pessoa. Manaira attracted housing and commercial stores further providing more jobs for the people of Southern Paraiba. Roberto has no doubt significantly contributed to the economic health of his home region.

Mike Baur’s ScanSource Grows Into International Giant

Mark Baur is a Swiss businessman and entrepreneur helped start the company ScanSource back in December of 1992 with a team of five other employees. Today, ScanSource has 43 offices worldwide and employs over 2,100 people. Baur is currently the Chief Executive Officer at ScanSource’s headquarters which are located in Greenville, South Carolina. Baur has held this position since December 2000. ScanSource has grown on a rapid scale, currently taking in about $3 billion in revenue every year. The company began spreading internationally back in 2002, and today has 45 locations across North America, South America, and Europe. Before being the CEO Baur was the President of the company since Scansource’s inception back in 1992.


Mike Baur’s ScanSource holds expertise to a high value and promises to deliver a better quality of the product than their competitors. ScanSource invests strategically only in certain products and ensure they maintain quality, strategic stocks of certain products that help increase the value of the customer’s investments and help their businesses become more productive. ScanSource prides itself in having dedicated sales reps who are there to answer customer questions and serve the customers in the best possible way they can in a skilled, prompt, friendly, and professional manner. ScanSource believes, most importantly, that everything they do must be done honestly and with integrity. Trust from customers is key to helping the company grow, and they want to make sure that customers trust them 100%.


Mike Baur also has a charitable organization set up through ScanSource, which has for nearly 20 years allowed both employees and owners of the company to donate time and money to help children and the less fortunate in the local community achieve wellness and health. The organization helps with everything from making holidays “happy” to help provide food and shelter to the needy in the local communities where the company offices are located. This money goes to both individuals and organizations who need the help to help other people who are less fortunate. This continues to show the size of Baur’s heart, and that he is not only happy to bless himself but to help others who deserve and need the help as well.

Marc Sparks Very Well be the Most Dedicated Entrepreneur You Will Ever Meet

Marc Sparks has often been proclaimed as being the entrepreneur’s entrepreneur and it’s easy to see why. Since he was a high-school student he has been at the forefront of a multitude of different business ventures and startups ranging from telecommunication solutions all the way to real estate. Marc gives thanks to his keen instinct and God’s grace for allowing him to accomplish and overcome the things he has.Learn more : http://thebrotalk.com/bro-recommendations/dallas-entrepreneur-marc-sparks-spills-must-visit-list-wineries-dfw/


Being a C student in high school many find it absolutely astonishing that Marc has built several successful businesses and currently assists other in doing the same. Marc is curating a book entitled They Can’t Eat You which will be a story outlining his road to success as well as touch on his personal life and the obstacles he has had to overcome along the way.


Based out of the Dallas Texas area, Marc Sparks is currently the head of Timber Creek Capital. Timber Creek is a private equity firm that works with dedicated entrepreneurs to help turn their dreams into a reality by offering services to help them succeed. Timber Creek Capital offers services such as capital funding, office space, web development, accounting, marketing, and graphic arts to name a few!Learn more : http://timbercreekcapital.com/


Marc Sparks is also a philanthropist who is involved in several different efforts and charities throughout the Dallas and surrounding communities. Marc has worked with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and the America Can! Academy. He also works directly with a local homeless shelter known as The Samaritan Inn which has helped hundreds of people get back on their feet by providing a stable shelter and the resources they needed that for many are far from reach.Learn more : http://www.fundacity.com/marc-sparks


Marc isn’t just all about business and helping others though he has an avid love for the outdoors. Here you can find him hiking, biking, golfing, hunting and fishing. He is also quite the adventurous individual having traveled the world in 23 days visiting places like Morocco, India, Machu Picchu, and Easter Island to name a few. Marc is driven by dedication, focus, passion, and faith which shines through in every business as well as personal venture that he is associated with.

The Remarkable Success Of Don Ressler At Fabletics and JustFab Inc.

Don Ressler is a famous investor and a business executive who is known for his role on numerous internet-based ventures and e-commerce platforms. Don Ressler is the CEO and Co-founder of Fabletics. Fitness Heaven.com was Don’s first online startup. Its success made Don Ressler team up with Adam Goldenberg, the Chief Operating Officer of Intermix Media, to establish a company known as Alena Media Group. At Alena Media, Goldenberg and Don worked to create an online performing division that grew into a multi-million entity. Intermix was later acquired by the media conglomerate firm called News Corp in 2005. However, the new owners of Intermix seemed to ignore the successful marketing and sales platform developed by Don Ressler and his co-partner Adam Goldenberg.

After leaving Intermix and establishing Alena Media Corps, Don Ressler and Mr. Adam managed to convince a former employee of Alena Media Group to work with them and assist them to start and develop their own enterprise. Together, they worked hard and have established a reputable company known as Brand Ideas, which was later renamed Intelligent Beauty. DermStore was Intelligent Beauty’s first product. It was an online haircare, skincare, and cosmetics retailer on Brandettes. Currently, DermStore has the second biggest sales volume for online-based skin and beauty products. Along with the Target Corporation, Intelligent Beauty continues to hold a stake in the e-commerce sector.

Another business that Don Ressler has helped launch is the online subscription-based clothing retailer known as JustFab Inc. Don worked with the actress, Kate Hudson, to market and develop the brand on eyepain.org. JustFab customers pay a membership fee of $39.95 a month, and in return, they receive accessories, shoes, and handbags designed for their own personal tastes. Over the years, JustFab has grown into a multi-billion company. To signify that it’s a technology-based firm, Don Ressler decided to rename the firm to TechStyle Group, a name that suggests that the entity combines fashion and technology.

TechStyle Group primarily deals with active wear at http://www.businessinsider.com/justfab-becomes-techstyle-fashion-group-2016-8. Don has always been a fitness enthusiast and practically lives on active wear every day. He lives his dream of selling not only high-quality but also affordable and fashionable products.

Omar Yunes Announced BFW Winner

During the 2015 edition of Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) held in Florence, Italy, Omar Yunes was announced the winner. Omar operates franchises under the brand name Sushi Itto, chain of Japanese restaurants integrated with western culture. Currently, the entrepreneur has 13 units operating in Mexico City, Veracruz and Puebla. When accepting the honor, Mr. Yunes said the prize is for his entire team of 400 members responsible for overseeing operations at the franchise units.

Representatives who Attended 2015 Edition of BFW

Representatives who attended this competition were from 34 countries including Mexico, France, Argentina, Italy, Hungary, Brazil, Portugal and others. The judges at the event evaluated the franchisee on the basis of its impact on the network. They considered things like employees’ motivation, influence to the network, knowledge contribution, and potential improvements to the model. According to of the organizers of BFW Mexico, Diego Elizarrarrás, Omar Yunes also emerged the top during the national competition, and was able to beat the rest because of the role he has played of creating better relationship between franchisee and franchising.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Sushi Itto, Benjamin Cancelmo, said the award was a manifestation of employees’ effort to provide excellent services, quality hospitality and amazing flavors to their clients. According to Elizarrarrás, the award was an impression that Mexican franchises are not a regional affair anymore, but has ascended to global platform.

About  Omar Yunes

Omar Yunes is the brain behind establishment of Sushi Itto brand, which operates in different parts of Mexico, and other South American nations like El Salvador, Panama and Honduras. Omar has led Sushi Itto to greater heights, employing over 400 employees. The BFW awards recognize entrepreneurial skills and innovative achievements like Omar’s, which has led to rapid growth of his franchise.

This award was evidence of efforts put in place by Omar Yunes to enhance growth of his brand. In fact, Omar was honored across Mexico for achieving a great milestone in his career, putting other Mexican entrepreneurs on the same cause of being recognized internationally. The entrepreneur has fostered excellence customer service, hospitality and quality service delivery.