Betsy DeVos Continues Her Philanthropy

Betsy DeVos has long been an advocate of improving educational opportunities for all. Now in her role as Secretary of Education for the United States, DeVos is poised to continue making a difference. I have always been interested in the state of education in this country, I wanted to learn more about DeVos’s background and her accomplishments prior to her appointment as Secretary of Education.

It was very interesting for me to learn that her mother was a public school teacher, and that was where her initial interest in education began. I also respected her stance that children living in underserved and poorer districts also deserve access to excellent education. Read more about her philanthropy at

I found it enlightening that Betsy started her philanthropic efforts at the same time that her children were school-age. They visited Potter’s House Christian School. It was at this moment that DeVos realized that it can be a sacrifice for many families to send their children to a school that is safe as well as a nurturing environment that encourages intellectual growth.

DeVos and her husband knew that they had many more resources than many of the families struggling to send their children to the Potter’s House Christian School. She began by paying the tuition for a handful of children to attend the school, and from there her charitable work continued to grow.

I like the fact that Betsy DeVos was able to see that not every family had the resources to send their children to the school of their choice, and she then offered to pay their tuition for them. It is truly inspirational that someone who has so much is not too self-absorbed to realize that they have a lot more than other people. People like Betsy DeVos want to make the world a better place for everyone and sincerely believe that by leveling the playing field in access to education, that she is doing so.

Education in the public school system is often a less than adequate experience, and it is nice that people such as DeVos make it possible for parents to have options on where to send their children. Betsy is a true visionary and I wish that everyone were as caring as she is. The work that the DeVos family has done is extraordinary and will help many people to access a quality education even if they cannot afford expensive private schools. Visit the website U.S. Department of Education to know more.

Betsy DeVos is now the Secretary of Education which is a role that I think is perfect for her and her skill set. She wants all Americans to be able to receive a quality education regardless of what district they live in and how much their family can afford for school tuition.

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