Pushing For Democracy Through End Citizen United

The political arena of most economies in the world today has been compromised. Other than seeking to represent the people, the legislative branch has turned out to be a playing field for a few who are deemed to have the power on their sleeves. Influential personalities and cartels have taken up most of the government agencies. In turn, this has distorted the meaning of justice and public representation. The executives in the government currently seem to represent the interests of a few at the expense of the public.


Fortunately, the scrutinizing eye of the few patriots left has taken note of this and has gone ahead to set up advocacy groups, committees, and movements to fight for what is rightfully theirs. On top of their list is the End Citizen United. Just like a river, End Citizen United has its source. The rot in the political system regarding election financing in the country today has its cradle as well. In 2010, the Supreme Court gave a judgment regarding the case between Citizens and F.E.C. The decision is where all these evils in the system arose from.


The Supreme Court’s decision opened up the political system of the country. Those who are regarded as the ‘haves’ in the society got an opportunity to poke their noses in the running of the nation. In turn, they got the political powers at their beck and call. Accountability and transparency all went to ashes as big money corporations, and filthy rich billionaires rigged the election system with their money-filled pockets.


Fortunately, even with the lack of as much money as the Big Money, patriotic citizens could not sit back and watch the country being torn apart. They prompted the formation of End Citizen United on the 1st of March 2015. Its fundamental purpose was to curb the destructive impact the Citizen United was creating. Moreover, it was set towards bringing in a revolution in the political campaign funding system.


End Citizen United is mobilized by ordinary citizens. Despite being under the advisement of a committee, this initiative runs on support of the people. It seeks to collaborate with reliable lawmakers towards bringing in a new dawn to the nation through reforms and deserved action. Its political influence on vital political issues like the money matter in elections is sourced from the grassroots. The group aims at maintaining a balance in the system through the formulation of approaches that support the election of impartial candidates.


End Citizen United is built on a powerful pillar of transparency in both elections and political spending. The grassroots are its primary investors, and it has collected from them $4 million with the expectation of reaching an amount of over $35 million by 2018. Its leadership has been entrusted in the very able hands of neutral leaders who seek to reclaim people’s democratic power.

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