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The article ‘Finding Your Business Niche Like Doe Deere’, is about following the right path to creating a successful business. Some topics discussed in the article are, finding aspirations in the small business world, building a business plan, and talking about patience being the key to success.

Deere is the founder of lime crime, a cosmetic line she founded and launched in 2008. Deere’s theme is based around unicorns, popping colors, and happiness. That is the vibe you’ll get when you visit the lime crime website. Her line is also advertised as a cruelty free product, which appeals to many Makeup users. Deere is used as a prime example in this article because she turned a passion for makeup into a business of her own.

Knowing and becoming familiar with people, like Doe Deere, who have started small businesses, and have been successful, is a good way to get ideas. By doing research and getting familiar with what works when starting a business, from other entrepreneurs, can enable you to build off those ideas, and to come up with some of your own.

Another suggestion given in this article encourages you to mix passion with business, and that’s exactly what Deere did. She had a passion for makeup and turned it into a business. When starting a business keep in mind there are pitfalls. However, these falls are all a part of a learning experience. They are made easier when doing something you can be passionate about. Whatever your passion may be, it is always beneficial to do research on trends. Know what kinds of products are selling and how. So along with starting a business, a heavy amount of research is necessary.

The next important step is to make a business plan. As suggested in the article, having a business plan will guarantee that you don’t leave anything out and you know which route you want to follow. Having organization is very important in general and if you are trying to start a business, you want to keep everything as organized as possible. Having a well thought out, written plan will make it easier on yourself and on investors. When investors see your ideas laid out and organized it may give you a better chance of getting that loan.

The most important thing to consider when starting your business is to make sure you are not rushing preparations. Nothing is worse than putting work into something and having it fall through. If it is your passion to own a business then the path to a great achievement will take time, and good things don’t happen overnight.

This article gives a few well thought out ideas to take into consideration when starting a business. There are no specific steps or guidelines to follow. One way to go is through research and looking at the steps of previous successful small business owners. Also Having faith in your passion, creating business plans, and taking your time are all good suggestions to get the ball rolling on your business idea.

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