Sweetgreen’s Co- Founder Creating New Model for Fast Food Model

Advice to beginning fast food companies today would be to go the Sweetgreen’s way. Top name investors like Steve Case, Daniel Boulud and Danny Meyer all speak healthy when considering your fast food options back this model.

The foods are not only fresh but also organic and healthy hence the attraction to diners who keep thronging the Sweetgreen’s outlets for a taste of the same.

The brands CEO Nathaniel Ru says that the goal of the company is to create something that stands out and that includes feeding people with good food. Apart from good quality food, there is more than people can learn from the co-CEO of Sweetgreen.

The three were classmates’ in Georgetown University and have been pioneers in the tech world with 30% of their Sweet green investment transactions being handled through their mobile app and website. According to Ru, technology is part of the company from the beginning.

The three investors are now considering better management practices. This is because for better customer service, the corporate office of the company has to shut down at least five times yearly to allow all people to work in the restaurants. The company does not have a main headquarter because of the CEO’s bicoastal nature as they continue to expand the business nationwide.

There recent office is in Los Angeles. Ru says that the company has n belief in a centralized headquarter but rather prefers to have decentralized headcounts as this works for them. The three co-investors namely Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet all met at Georgetown University in an entrepreneurship class. Read more: Sweetgreen | Wikipedia and Nathaniel Ru | Dynamic Dialogues

The three saw a lack for health eating options, which then formed the basis of their focus when coming up with a new food store, which opened in 207 after they graduated college. The young investors knew that they would survive their market after making it through the winter break as students had gone home for the break.

About Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru graduated from Georgetown Business school in 2007. He graduated with a bachelor’s o science in finance He teamed up with his two friends form the same college to start a seasonal fast food store that focused on local sources.

They started with one store in Georgetown and have since expanded to 26 branches in over six states. The trio believe in supplying food that fits budget, lifestyle and tastes while at the same time being eco-friendly and healthy.

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