Doe Deere Gives Inspiring Interview

In the past, Doe Deere was interviewed by Guest of a Guest. The CEO and founder of Lime Crime gave an inspiring interview and discussed a range of topics.


In the interview, Deere talked about how she moved to America from Russia the at age of seventeen. She relocated to New York City, where she pursued her dream of playing music. She learnt a lot of lessons during her music career, and many of the things she learnt is still used to this day. For example, she learn marketing skills and she knows the importance of being appreciative of those who do business with her company.


In the interview, she mentioned how she has always had a passion for business. She remembers being a kid selling temporary tattoos. She was doing that at the age of 13 and she marketed the tattoos by wearing them. The idea behind this was that other kids would see her wearing it and they would want to wear it too.


The founder of Lime Crime also talked about meeting her husband. She said they met while they were in a band in New York. The two shared a passion for music and today they both share a passion to run a business. In fact, her husband is the president of Lime Crime. Learn more:


She was asked what kind of advice she could provide to other women. Her response was that women need to be in touch with themselves and find out what makes them unique and special. Once they realize what it is, they can tune into it and soon enough they will flourish. Deere truly believes every single person has a unique skill that they can tune into and use that skill to succeed.


As for her company Lime Crime, she started it in 2008, so the company has been around for a very longtime. She started the company because the market didn’t really have bright makeup or options were limited. She wanted bright makeup because she liked wearing bright clothes, so she decided to would make it if she couldn’t buy it. Once she started selling her makeup on eBay, it took off from there.


Fast forward to today, Doe Deere is one of the most inspiring women in the industry. She is known for her drive and passion. You can learn more about Doe Deere, her products and Lime Crime by visiting her company’s official website.

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