Israeli Ambassador Welcomed by Citizens to Visit Bradford, Despite MP Opposition

Daniel Taub, former Israeli Ambassador to London, seems to have a history of making bold moves throughout his career.

One such move was in choosing to visit the British city of Bradford in 2014, after its MP, George Galloway, made statements claiming that the city did not wish to receive Israeli visitors of any kind.

In his comments, Galloway said, “We have declared Bradford an Israeli-free zone.” He then went on to state that Bradford’s citizens wanted no visitors, academics, goods or services from Israel to arrive in their city. However, residents, it would seem, did not agree with Galloway’s take.

Instead, they invited Daniel Taub to visit Bradford. Taub took the opportunity and welcome with the intent of visiting key community stakeholders such as councilors and religious leaders. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

Despite the outward hostility on the part of its MP, the city of Bradford seemed to welcome the ambassador from Israel and to usher in an atmosphere of inclusion, rather than separation.

That is the spirit with which Mr. Taub also seemed to receive the invitation. He stated, “My sense, even from a short visit, is that the real voice of Bradford is not the voice of exclusion we hear from George Galloway but the voice of inclusion.”

He then went on to say, “I am here because I was invited to come by the people of Bradford, who sent a clear message that George Galloway does not represent them.”

Taub went further to compare the cooperative nature of Bradford’s citizens to that of the attitude he was seeing in his own country of Israel.

He encouraged folks to be a positive part of a solution, rather than contributing to problems when he said, “I would say don’t be one of the people who tries to draw the region back into the past, but join us in trying to make a better future for all the people of the region.”

It is clear that this is just one example of the diplomacy and professionalism shown by Daniel Taub throughout his career. It is also illustrative of what an ambassador should be.

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