How Fabletics Created a Unique Showroom Experience

Athletic wear has been revolutionized by the “athleisure” wear company founded by actress and fitness guru Kate Hudson. Fabletics came on the athletic wear scene just a few short years ago but has already seen major success and has set the bar that all other athletic wear companies need to measure themselves to. The company is the brainchild of Kate Hudson and Techstyle Group LLC. Techstyle has seen numerous successes with online fashion brands for women in the past, and chose to found Fabletics after seeing the rapidly growing trend of athletic wear moving from just inside the gym to brunch tables and shopping outings across America.


Fabletics is far different than any other brand of athletic wear on the market today. It came about as the result of a hole in the athletic wear market. When it was founded a few years ago there were only two options available in the athletic wear market. The first was athletic wear that was extremely high priced, yet offered little originality. Most of it was black or gray and the collection was so small it left many women showing up to the gym or to classes in identical outfits as other women. The second option was cheaply made athletic wear that didn’t hold its shape and often wore out within the first few months after purchase.


Fabletics sought to bridge that gap and give women a way to express themselves through their athletic wear, while still maintaining a moderate cost. Fabletics is able to do this by using the reverse showroom model to sell their athletic wear. While many clothing brands launch by building a bunch of retail locations, Fabletics uses the reverse showroom model to achieve success. Physical retail locations have a ton of overhead. Between renting or building the buildings, staffing the storeroom, and then filling that storeroom with inventory, most clothing stores have massive overhead before they are even able to launch.


Fabletics chose to take a different route and utilize the reverse showroom model. Simply put, this means that instead of making customers go to a physical location, the company has put the entire showroom experience online, tailored to each individual visitor. When you visit the Fabletics website, you are invited to take a Lifestyle Quiz. This quiz askes you a few questions that build your own individual experience on the Fabletics website. The reverse showroom model ensures that every site visitor is treated to their own Fabletics experience.

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