Master Architect Robert Ivy Draws Groundbreaking Connections Between Health And Architecture

The world is changing at an incredibly fast pace and the people who will lead society towards the future will be people who are able to see connections that others simply do not.

Robert Ivy, a master architect who also serves as the most senior executive of an association that is known as the American Institute of Architects is one of those people. Robert Ivy is a trained architect who has studied architecture at institutions such as Tulane University in the state of Louisiana where he earned his Masters of Architecture after he completed a Bachelor of Arts from an institution of higher education that is known as Sewanee: The University of the South. He has won the G.D. Crain Award for his lifetime contributions in the industry.

Robert Ivy has spent years working in the world of architecture as a managing partner at an architecture firm and also as a communications and media professional who edited publications that were relevant to the profession of architecture. In addition to serving as the editor of a leading journal of architecture and working in the industry himself as an architect Robert Ivy has also provided his thought leadership about the current state of the field of architecture and its potential for intersecting with other industries. His writing on the subject has examined the ways in which architecture can be practiced in ways that have implications beyond simply completing a building that meets the aesthetic vision of the client that commissioned it begin with.


Robert Ivy has put forth a dynamic and bold vision for the future of architecture that speaks to an architect’s ability to influence and even shape the health of the individuals and the communities that rely on, live in or spend a lot of time in the buildings that they have been commissioned to design for their clients.
According to Robert’s writing on the subject there are architectural projects that already speak to the vast potential that the profession and discipline has for helping healthcare professionals achieve better outcomes for the patients they are charged with overseeing and healing. In his article about the marriage between health, design and architecture Robert Ivy pointed to a project that is happening in the Mid-western city of Cleveland in the state of Ohio. In Cleveland, architects and medical professionals alike are taking a new approach to the role of a hospital in the community by working with an architecture firm that is imagining the MetroHealth Medical Center as both a hospital and a community center that integrates health into the lives of the people who live near it. This particular vision for an architectural project is groundbreaking because it illustrates Robert Ivy’s point of how architects and medical professionals can work together to create groundbreaking results.

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