Boraie Development Moves Into Atlantic City With This Housing Complex

Just three years after completing The Aspire in downtown New Brunswick, Boraie Development is at it again this time in Atlantic City building an apartment right next to the sandy beach. This 250-unit building is known as the Beach at South Inlet for that very reason, and while the beach and boardwalk are on one side, easy access to the city’s commercial districts and public transportation can be found on the other. There’s going to be plenty of activities on-site from the swimming pool featured in its courtyard to the gyms and community lounge entertainment rooms in the lower levels of the interior. Boraie Development came to Atlantic City because in the wake of closing down a major casino in this city, they feel it’s a good time to invest in its slow-developing real estate.

Boraie Development has been living up to its promise to rebuild and restore New Jersey’s cities and return confidence in their communities. It was Omar Boraie who first had this vision back in 1973 at a time that he had first moved to New Brunswick and realized businesses were leaving, buildings were getting old and even many streets in the town were unsafe to walk at night. Believing it was all on him to change the outlook, he began gathering funds to buy vacancies in New Brunswick and forming the blueprints on how he was going to put in brand new buildings. Boraie had critics who thought this would be a fruitless effort, but he determined to prove them wrong.

According to NY Times, it did take more than 10 years before the first major step to rebuilding New Brunswick was accomplished, but when one old building was renovated into a shiny new 8-story tower with a new parking garage and easy access to the plaza it sits in, businesses took notice and started moving in. 15 years later a second tower was completed and by that time the general neighborhood of that location on Albany Street was now alive with activity. It didn’t end there as Boraie Development started changing some neighborhoods in the greater Newark area as well, and former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal who grew up in those neighborhoods started working with Boraie Development to let them know which places meant a lot to him as a young person. Omar Boraie still holds the title of Chairman, but his sons Wasseem and Sam have started to take over more of the company’s lead roles, and it’s they who have led the completion of properties like The Aspire and the latest Beach at South Inlet. You can search on Yahoo for more.

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