Securus Technologies Releases Drone Detection Results

Prison technology giant, Securus Technologies, has announced that its drone detection pilot program was a success. For the past 18 months, Securus Technologies has been testing its drone detection technology that is intended to detect drone devices that are being used near prisons and jails.


Corrections executives all over North America have seen an uptick in paraphernalia being brought into their facilities through the use of drones. This include illegal drugs, cell phones, and weapons. The problem has caused many facilities huge problems but with the help of drone detection technology, that may be a thing of the past.


As criminals get more tech-savvy, prison officials are stepping up their efforts to help stop the criminal activity and contraband being brought into the prison population. The drone detection technology uses digital antennas to pinpoint the location of drones in the airspace surrounding the facilities.


Securus Technologies also operates a U.S.-based calling center that has been recognized for its outstanding customer service. The company won three Golden Stevie Awards in 2017 for their customer service and sales. The awards were given to the company during the February 2018 banquet held at the Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.


Securus Technologies is the leading prison-technology company in the United States. the company is based in Dallas, Texas with 3 other locations in Texas and one in Atlanta, Georgia. The company provides a host of services to over 3,500 facilities in the United States and Mexico. These services include phone and email self-services, payment processing, commissary accounting, parolee and inmate tracking, and others. The company was founded by a former law enforcement officer in 1986 and serves over 1.2 million inmates in North America.


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