Meet Ricardo Tosto One Of The Most Prominent Lawyers In Brazil

Ricardo Tosto has been recognized as one of the best lawyers in Brazil. He has worked in various companies where he has contributed to a significant number of aspects leading to their growth and development. He has vast experience and knowledge in criminal business laws, commercial laws, banking law, commercial law and contracts among others. He went to Mackenzie University where he graduated with an undergraduate degree in law and also had an extension course in business administration.

One of the organizations he worked in was the Grupo Rede which is one of the Brazilian Based companies where he acted as the HR and was also in the legal management team. All the positions that Ricardo Tosto held in different companies have portrayed his expertise, and he has built himself a reputation as one of the best and recognized lawyers in Brazil.

Besides, Ricardo Tosto is also an award winner. He was recognized and nominated as the best Brazilian lawyer dealing with commercial Litigation by the Who’s. It is known that when it came to advising clients and representing them, Ricardo Tosto did his best to ensure the best satisfaction that he could ever

Today, Ricardo Tosto is one of the founders of Leite Tosto e Barros Advogados which is a law firm that specializes in some of the issues such as the business restructuring, election law, commercial law and Bankruptcy among others. His reputation in the law sector has contributed significantly to the growth of his firm since he has always been committed and dedicated towards the satisfaction of his clients.

In one Ricardo Tosot’s recent publications, he speaks about the division of assets during the dissolution of a stable Union. One of the requirements to be in a stable Union in Brazil is that none of the partners should be married, and your relationship should be public with the primary aim of constituting a family. In his report, he was speaking about an alleged stable Union where one of the partners in the alleged Stable Union “the man” was said to be still in the marriage. The main point in his report was to show that parallel stable unions are not allowed by the constitution.


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