Michael Lacey was born in September 1959. He is recognized as the best American Mathematician who has ever lived in this world. Lacey Graduated from IIIinois university in 1987 with Ph.D. Generally his thesis targeted probability topic. Lacey thesis solved a problem that is concerned with the law of the iterated logarithm for functions characteristic for empirical. Lacey work has had an impact in the areas of ergodic theory, probability and in Harmonic Analysis.


Micahel Lacey first job was in the Louisiana university, and in the North Carolina University that is located in a chapel hill. When he was working in UNC, he worked closely with Walter Philip to prove the theory of central limit.


Later, Lacey was employed in Indian university for seven years from 1989. He was lucky to be sponsored by National Science Foundation. While in Indian University he was given a postdoctoral fellowship in science foundation. After this award, he started researching bilinear Hilbert transform. Finally, Lacey was able to solve the Hilbert Transform. Alberto Calderon earlier discovered Hilbert transform. Lacey was awarded with Salem Price for this achievement. Every person was happy for his effort and determination in solving mathematics problems. Lacey remained unchallenged in this subject; he was gifted with solving mathematics problems.


Michael Lacey has been a professor at the Georgia Institute teaching mathematics. During the year 2004, he worked closely with Xiaochun, and he was given a Guggenheim Fellowship. He received this award because of his excellent work within the university. Lacey is the type of person that gives his full effort on what he decides to do. Michael Lacey became a member of American Mathematician Society. He has made several discoveries in the field of mathematics.


Many of the people who heard the opportunity to work with Michael Lacey they attest that he was excellent in mathematics and some other few subjects that he majored in them. Lacey is a knowledgeable person who likes helping people solve difficult calculations that disturb people. I think we are lucky to have such bright person around, because if were not of him some of the difficult calculations could be still disturbing us.

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