Dr. Rick Shinto: Leader, Innovator and Role Model

Dr. Rick Shinto is currently the President and CEO of InnovaCare Health Solutions LLC, which is a leading provider of Medicare Advantage plans and other services for practicing physicians. Dr. Shinto earned his medical degree from State University New York and his MBA from Redlands University. He has over 20 years of experience in the medical field and is part of a highly skilled and educated team at InnovaCare Health.

InnovaCare Health Solutions has grown into one of the most preferred healthcare providers in Puerto Rico. Within five years the company has grown from 50,000 Medicare providers to over 250,000 thanks to Dr. Rick Shinto’s excellent leadership skills and experience. He has developed his team to include prominent medical personalities like; Penelope Kikkinides who is also an expert in the medical field with over 20 years of experience herself.

The government’s efforts to improve the medical system have enabled private companies to enter the market, which is exactly what InnovaCare did. Programs like Medicare have helped millions of American’s to receive medical services and InnovaCare has perfected their system to offer the very best health services to hundreds of thousands of Medicare providers. This has not only improved the lives of hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans, but also the effectiveness and general opinion about Medicare programs.

The excellent service provided by InnovaCare Health can be directly attributed to Dr. Rick Shinto’s appointment as President and CEO in 2015. Dr. Shinto’s immaculate career and life experiences have taught him to not only be caring towards his clients but also constantly improve his business, team and efforts. Mr. Shinto was also the Chief Executive Officer and President at Aveta Inc. for four years from 2008 to 2012. He also worked at large corporations like MedPartners and NAMM California just to name a few. Dr. Shinto’s experience at Aveta Inc. and InnovaCare have enabled him to improve InnovaCare’s technological facilities and the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire Medicare system. This has enabled InnovaCare Solutions to offer the highest quality medical services and affordable rates.

It is individuals like Dr. Richard Shinto and Penelope Kikkinides that have improved the reputation of Medicare, the health care industry and America as a Nation. With their combined skill, knowledge and experience we can expect the Healthcare industry to rapidly improve improving the lives of thousands of people today and millions of people in the future.

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