Betsy DeVos Will Surprise Her Critics Say Those Who Are Closest To Her

Betsy DeVos, the United States Secretary of Education, once held a meeting with a representative of transgender and gay employees who work at the Education Department to let them know of a move that President Trump was about to make to rescind a federal policy. The federal policy, in question, was the one that allowed transgender students to use any school bathroom they wished that matched their gender identity. While it was said that she had resisted the decision, she gave no signs in public that showed her disapproval. This led some people to mistakenly believe that she would be a weaker team player, but according to many, these people will soon discover how wrong they are.


In the state of Michigan, Betsy DeVos is well-known for her political savvy and determination. While Washington D.C. politicians may not know a lot about her, they are going to find out very soon according to those who are in the know. She served as the Chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party for many years and is known as a mega-donor to the GOP. In that state, it is known that she works behind the scenes to get the laws passed that she approves and also rewards her allies in the process. Mike Cox, a previous state attorney general and Republican, revealed that many people were afraid of her in Michigan because of the fact that she stays the course and fights until the end for what she believes is right.


Betsy DeVos grew up in Michigan and attended a private Christian high school as well as a private Christian college. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics at Calvin College and was very active in the politics on campus while studying there. She is a strong supporter of giving American families the opportunity to send their kids to a school of their choosing and supports laws that will see public vouchers paying for the tuition of these schools. This has been her work for the last thirty years, and while many fear that she will not be focusing on public schools during her time as Secretary of Education, she has assured these critics that the majority of American kids will probably continue to go to public schools.


Betsy DeVos knows something that many others don’t, and that something is the fact that American public schools have fallen far below schools in other developed countries. Greg McNeilly, a political operative from Michigan who leans Republican, commented that he believes that Mrs. DeVos wants the American public to join in the conversation about the direction that the educational system of the United States is going in. It is hard to see that happening when the Democrat political party seems bent on making her look like a fool. This happened during her confirmation hearings, and while she was bothered slightly by what happened, those who know her know that she will continue to fight just as hard to see American families in the driver seat where they can send their kids to the right school.


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