NexBank is a local bank based in Dallas that issues loans of up to $50 million for Dallas Homes which provides mortgage services together with Habitat for Humanity in Dallas Area. This partnership was created in support of the expansion of offering pocket-friendly housing loan programs to the families living in the southern part of Dallas. The Habitat for Humanity based in Dallas Area is the most prominent home builder in the Dallas area building over 50 houses in a year.

Dallas Neighborhood Homes is a mortgage banker that is state licensed to help homebuyers in the securing of mortgages in all aspect. Nexbank, on the other hand, is a bank operating regionally with a charter dating back as far as 1922 and an asset worth of $3.5 billion. The bank is responsible for the provision of institutional service, mortgage banking and also commercial banking to satisfy the requirements of its clients such as financial institution, institutional clients and even corporations’ countrywide. It is also part of the NexBank Capital Incorporated which is a company involved in financial services and an FDIC member.

NexBank recently announced the purchase of College Saving Bank which is located in New Jersey strategically situated in Princeton. The Bank indulges in 529 programs for college saving purposes. It was established in 1987 and has been primarily set on college savings. Their primary focus is on partnering with the parents aiming to have their kid enroll in higher education programs and also involves in the management of Indiana CollegeChoice Savings Plan program as well as the Bank plan program of Arizona Family College Savings. John Holt, the CEO, and President said the transaction was a win-win for both parties and a crucial move to their funding strategies and that they will retain the Bank’ name, brand and maintain the current operations.

Matt Siekielski, the Executive Vice President of NexBank also added that this transaction would serve the more extensive needs of their clients and also assist families in saving for college. He continued stating that it was a one of a kind chance to broaden their platform position and responsibility in regards to growth.

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  1. Whether this may be widely acceptable or not is really no concern for people to think of how best it has been. Very well even though will be to an extent to have really going well. For the most part of the matter, I think Matt has been with the other people like the sign with NexBank sale.


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