Infinity Group Australia Honored With Top 100 Award

Each year, Inventium, Australia’s major innovation consultancy firm, compiles its List of the Top 100 Innovative Companies. Inventium, along with a panel of industry experts, examines thousands of companies from across New Zealand and Australia. The companies are rated on their problem-solving abilities, as well as the uniqueness of their solutions. From 1000’s of entries, their list is reduced to the top 100 most innovative companies. The list is then published in the popular Australian Financial Review. The winners are honored at a special awards ceremony.

This year, Infinity Group Australia was chosen to be on this prestigious list. Ranking in at number 58, Infinity Group accepted its award graciously. The company was founded just 5 years ago by Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker. The Group is dedicated to helping its customers reduce their debts and acquire financial success.

Holme spent an enormous amount of time and energy researching the Australian mortgage market and banking industry. He learned that most Australians did not feel comfortable with their bankers or their mortgage companies. He set out to change that perception by personalizing the relationship between customers and banking personnel. He was discouraged to find that many Australians live paycheck to paycheck and many live lives stifled by enormous debt. Graeme Holme wants to change that. He has innovatively introduced financial coaching to the Australian public. His company offers support, advice and assistance to its customers. According to Holme, Infinity Group customers average over 40,000 dollars in debt reduction in one year. He says that if they follow the group’s regimented formula, most can pay off 30-year mortgages in about 7-10 years.

Graeme Holme is a financial expert with over 17 years’ experience. He has worked for financial institutes, as well as in the real estate sector. He has made it his mission to keep banks honest. His goal is to help Australians become debt free and financially independent. He embraces the innovative spirit. He believes that collaboration is the key to bringing innovative ideas to the forefront, encouraging his employees to share their ideas with their colleagues. He firmly believes that an idea is not worth anything if it is not shared, then put into practice. Learn more :

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