The RealReal Has Opened a New Store in Los Angeles

The RealReal, a leading designer consignment company, has announced the opening of a new store in Los Angeles, located in West Hollywood. The store is 12000 square feet large including a separate 5500 square feet large men’s store. The RealReal store will encompass all the company’s products and services.

The specific products and services the store will offer

  1. Men’s store- it features watch bar which have rare watches, “sneakerdome” as well as a suiting and tailoring place.
  2. Handbag vault- the store has 1500 square feet vault with extensive variety of luxury handbags, a café serving up beverages and snacks and curbside consignment drop-off.
  3. Free Valuations- via the luxury consignment office, the RealReal has a team of experts and specialists for contemporary fine jewelry, watch as well as handbag valuations.
  4. Seamless Consignment Drop-offs- this is useful for shoppers to access products easily and efficiently.
  5. Styling Services- the store has styling experts who helps shoppers get items that fits them best.
  6. Best Workshops- they have state-of-the-art workshops and master classes to provide customers with the best services in authentication, design, styling, as well as trends.
  7. Café- the cafe offers beverages and snacks.

In a statement, The RealReal Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Julie Wainwright, said that with the continued success of their SoHo flagship as well as temporary retails, they are excited to expand their market base and provide the company with a permanent home on the West Coast. She continued to say that they are excited to serve their customers in LA better.

The LA concept store uses RealReal 360, the company’s proprietary tech solution that provides a simplified means of viewing of inventory as well as consumer behavior across channels.

About The RealReal

The RealReal is the leading authentication luxury consignment company which has an expert allocated to every item. The consignment company has more than 90 personnels who inspects and authenticates thousands of commodities in a daily basis ensuring the authenticity of each item it sells. The RealReal breathes life to pieces as well as being in the frontline of circular economy for luxury. They offer effortless consignment services. At some of the Luxury Consignment Offices, free jewelry, handbag and watch valuation is provided by expert staff.

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