The Success of Student’s Test Scores at Rocketship Education is due to Educator Commitment

Rocketship Education is a series of charter schools that cater to the educational needs of children living in low-income households. The students at these schools have continued to impress by achieving outstanding scores on their standard tests. A recent post by an online blogger brought up questions about how these schools were able to produce these test results. Additional concerns expressed in the blog pertained to behavior management and time spent on computers. Rocketship Education’s CEO Preston Smith provided a detailed response to these questions. Since these charter schools were created with a mission of bridging the educational gap between suburban students and those coming from low-income areas, these educators take their roles very seriously.

As proof of the success students have at Rocketship’s network of schools, Mr. Smith cited their student return ratio was at 90 percent. Not only do students continue to attend, but many parents spread the word in their communities about the progress their children are making at these schools. Mr. Smith also addressed the concern that frequent re-tests had become an issue. He cited that re-tests are not allowed to be given without approval from the Department of Education. Out of more than 4.500 tests taken, only 6 students needed a re-test. Overall, the Rocketship Education network of schools has had a one tenth of one percent of their students take re-tests. As far as behavior management practices, the leadership team prefers to leave some decisions to the teachers who know their students best, especially concerning bathroom breaks. Computer time is viewed as an extension of the learning process with a student’s time divided between many different educational programs.

The charter schools in the Rocketship Education network were founded on the belief that every student has the right to develop and attain their full potential. The leadership team stands behind a group of core values, which includes a commitment to excellence, a dedication to authenticity and a commitment to continued growth. Since the launch of their first school in 2006, this network has grown to where they now have 19 schools spread throughout the country.

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