Robert Ivy: Job Fairs And Online Job Board Provide Employment Opportunities To Members Of A Professional Society

Robert Ivy has extensively discussed the role of professional societies why they create networking platforms where individuals can easily network. These networking opportunities are known to help individuals exchange contacts while others build lifetime friendships. Other professionals have also recorded that they have secured employment opportunities after networking with other professionals after networking with a considerable number of individuals, especially during the professional seminars and other organized gatherings.

Although networking provides employment opportunities and mentors to young and upcoming professionals, they do not provide the best platforms for providing employment opportunities to most of their members. However, Robert notes that most of the professional bodies have been very useful in helping their members to secure employment opportunities to their members. Some of the professional bodies have a high reputation, which means that they can formulate strategies with other organizations.

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Architect, Robert Ivy highlights that some of the professional bodies, especially those with high reputation and bargaining power. They can discuss with various organizations, especially the multinational companies that can be able to provide a large number of employment opportunities to a large number of their members. Besides, large companies employ individuals who belong to these groups, and they believe that they have the necessary training and ethical standards.

There are other methods through which professional societies find employment opportunities for their members. Some of them go to the extent of creating online job boards where all the employment opportunities available in the industry are posted on a daily basis so that those individuals who are not employed can secure employment opportunities. Robert Ivy continues to highlight that some professional societies continue to organize and provide job fairs so that their members can be able to secure employment opportunities in various organizations.

About Robert Ivy
Robert Ivy is the current chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects. This is a position he secured back in 2009 after being elected unanimously by most of the members of this organization. He has remained to be an innovative leader who has enabled the professional society to grow and achieve the success that only a few professional bodies across the United States have been able to accomplish.

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