Chasing Ryan Seacrest

Reading the recent piece in the NY Times on Ryan Seacrest, “Ryan Seacrest Is Just One Man, He Can Only Do So Much in This Life,” the first thing that pops into my head is “American Idol.” I think that would be true for anyone introduced to Ryan through that cultural phenomenon. After the initial image of him standing on that massive stage fades you would not be wrong to recall hearing him on your drive into work playing the hits and talking gossip “On Air with Ryan,” his syndicated radio show. There’s also a chance you see him mid-day on “Live with Kelly and Ryan” after he took over from a departing Micheal Strahan. At this point, no one would blame you for wondering, “is there anywhere Ryan Seacrest isn’t?”

The Times article is quick to remind you that not only is Ryan Seacrest still maintaining his work on all of those projects, but he also manages to produce a TV series like “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” Did I mention he is also promoting a skin care and clothing line! Ryan doesn’t pretend to do it alone.

As to food, he says while it’s his discipline that sets the rules, he isn’t afraid to get some help from a trainer to keep his diet on track. The rules Ryan has for his food are similar to rules he sets for life, strict. He keeps the phone off when it needs to be, and he admits that he triages critical decisions, so the important things get done.

American Idol host Ryan Seacrest’s uniquely clean and polished delivery, reminiscent of Dick Clark, is one of the defining characteristics that has made him a success. Dick himself saw this same touch when he selected Ryan as his successor for his well known “New Years Rockin Eve” annual special.

This incredible success has given Ryan the opportunity, and the distinction, to build and operate the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. The foundation is an organization that creates media centers in hospitals where they can educate and perform for children receiving care. One can only guess what Ryan will do next!

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