Krishen Iyer Discusses His Career

Despite being relatively new to the business world, Krishen Iyer has gained a lot of experience as a business owner and entrepreneur. So how has he managed to become so successful throughout his career? He recently sat down with to discuss how he managed to attain such pervasive success and where he is looking to go in the future of his career. Krishen Iyer first matriculated at a local university beginning in the autumn of 2000 but, before he even graduated, he had already opened his own company as a sophomore. IHS Insurance lasted for 12 years at which point he moved on for undisclosed reasons. However, this move did not leave him unemployed as he had already started another company he was running known as Name My Premium.

This business endeavor lasted all of six years until he walked away from the company in 2015 in order to begin his current company known as Managed Benefits Services. In this economy, there are numerous marketing companies with needs that often go unmet and that’s where MBS comes into the picture. After he realized there are a lot of companies who experience this same dilemma, he decided to create this company because he knew he wanted to be able to address those needs head-on. The best $100 Krishen Iyer ever spent is when he invited some of his colleagues out to a karaoke bar and offered drinks to anyone who agreed to get up on stage and sing one of the songs on the karaoke machine.

One of the things that most intrigues Krishen Iyer is the concept of marketing analytics as he believes it allows them to concentrate on their clients and narrow their approach. His favorite book is Stephen King’s novel about how to write good memoirs.


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