Mike Baur’s ScanSource Grows Into International Giant

Mark Baur is a Swiss businessman and entrepreneur helped start the company ScanSource back in December of 1992 with a team of five other employees. Today, ScanSource has 43 offices worldwide and employs over 2,100 people. Baur is currently the Chief Executive Officer at ScanSource’s headquarters which are located in Greenville, South Carolina. Baur has held this position since December 2000. ScanSource has grown on a rapid scale, currently taking in about $3 billion in revenue every year. The company began spreading internationally back in 2002, and today has 45 locations across North America, South America, and Europe. Before being the CEO Baur was the President of the company since Scansource’s inception back in 1992.


Mike Baur’s ScanSource holds expertise to a high value and promises to deliver a better quality of the product than their competitors. ScanSource invests strategically only in certain products and ensure they maintain quality, strategic stocks of certain products that help increase the value of the customer’s investments and help their businesses become more productive. ScanSource prides itself in having dedicated sales reps who are there to answer customer questions and serve the customers in the best possible way they can in a skilled, prompt, friendly, and professional manner. ScanSource believes, most importantly, that everything they do must be done honestly and with integrity. Trust from customers is key to helping the company grow, and they want to make sure that customers trust them 100%.


Mike Baur also has a charitable organization set up through ScanSource, which has for nearly 20 years allowed both employees and owners of the company to donate time and money to help children and the less fortunate in the local community achieve wellness and health. The organization helps with everything from making holidays “happy” to help provide food and shelter to the needy in the local communities where the company offices are located. This money goes to both individuals and organizations who need the help to help other people who are less fortunate. This continues to show the size of Baur’s heart, and that he is not only happy to bless himself but to help others who deserve and need the help as well.

Marc Sparks Very Well be the Most Dedicated Entrepreneur You Will Ever Meet

Marc Sparks has often been proclaimed as being the entrepreneur’s entrepreneur and it’s easy to see why. Since he was a high-school student he has been at the forefront of a multitude of different business ventures and startups ranging from telecommunication solutions all the way to real estate. Marc gives thanks to his keen instinct and God’s grace for allowing him to accomplish and overcome the things he has.Learn more : http://thebrotalk.com/bro-recommendations/dallas-entrepreneur-marc-sparks-spills-must-visit-list-wineries-dfw/


Being a C student in high school many find it absolutely astonishing that Marc has built several successful businesses and currently assists other in doing the same. Marc is curating a book entitled They Can’t Eat You which will be a story outlining his road to success as well as touch on his personal life and the obstacles he has had to overcome along the way.


Based out of the Dallas Texas area, Marc Sparks is currently the head of Timber Creek Capital. Timber Creek is a private equity firm that works with dedicated entrepreneurs to help turn their dreams into a reality by offering services to help them succeed. Timber Creek Capital offers services such as capital funding, office space, web development, accounting, marketing, and graphic arts to name a few!Learn more : http://timbercreekcapital.com/


Marc Sparks is also a philanthropist who is involved in several different efforts and charities throughout the Dallas and surrounding communities. Marc has worked with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and the America Can! Academy. He also works directly with a local homeless shelter known as The Samaritan Inn which has helped hundreds of people get back on their feet by providing a stable shelter and the resources they needed that for many are far from reach.Learn more : http://www.fundacity.com/marc-sparks


Marc isn’t just all about business and helping others though he has an avid love for the outdoors. Here you can find him hiking, biking, golfing, hunting and fishing. He is also quite the adventurous individual having traveled the world in 23 days visiting places like Morocco, India, Machu Picchu, and Easter Island to name a few. Marc is driven by dedication, focus, passion, and faith which shines through in every business as well as personal venture that he is associated with.

The Remarkable Success Of Don Ressler At Fabletics and JustFab Inc.

Don Ressler is a famous investor and a business executive who is known for his role on numerous internet-based ventures and e-commerce platforms. Don Ressler is the CEO and Co-founder of Fabletics. Fitness Heaven.com was Don’s first online startup. Its success made Don Ressler team up with Adam Goldenberg, the Chief Operating Officer of Intermix Media, to establish a company known as Alena Media Group. At Alena Media, Goldenberg and Don worked to create an online performing division that grew into a multi-million entity. Intermix was later acquired by the media conglomerate firm called News Corp in 2005. However, the new owners of Intermix seemed to ignore the successful marketing and sales platform developed by Don Ressler and his co-partner Adam Goldenberg.

After leaving Intermix and establishing Alena Media Corps, Don Ressler and Mr. Adam managed to convince a former employee of Alena Media Group to work with them and assist them to start and develop their own enterprise. Together, they worked hard and have established a reputable company known as Brand Ideas, which was later renamed Intelligent Beauty. DermStore was Intelligent Beauty’s first product. It was an online haircare, skincare, and cosmetics retailer on Brandettes. Currently, DermStore has the second biggest sales volume for online-based skin and beauty products. Along with the Target Corporation, Intelligent Beauty continues to hold a stake in the e-commerce sector.

Another business that Don Ressler has helped launch is the online subscription-based clothing retailer known as JustFab Inc. Don worked with the actress, Kate Hudson, to market and develop the brand on eyepain.org. JustFab customers pay a membership fee of $39.95 a month, and in return, they receive accessories, shoes, and handbags designed for their own personal tastes. Over the years, JustFab has grown into a multi-billion company. To signify that it’s a technology-based firm, Don Ressler decided to rename the firm to TechStyle Group, a name that suggests that the entity combines fashion and technology.

TechStyle Group primarily deals with active wear at http://www.businessinsider.com/justfab-becomes-techstyle-fashion-group-2016-8. Don has always been a fitness enthusiast and practically lives on active wear every day. He lives his dream of selling not only high-quality but also affordable and fashionable products.

Omar Yunes Announced BFW Winner

During the 2015 edition of Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) held in Florence, Italy, Omar Yunes was announced the winner. Omar operates franchises under the brand name Sushi Itto, chain of Japanese restaurants integrated with western culture. Currently, the entrepreneur has 13 units operating in Mexico City, Veracruz and Puebla. When accepting the honor, Mr. Yunes said the prize is for his entire team of 400 members responsible for overseeing operations at the franchise units.

Representatives who Attended 2015 Edition of BFW

Representatives who attended this competition were from 34 countries including Mexico, France, Argentina, Italy, Hungary, Brazil, Portugal and others. The judges at the event evaluated the franchisee on the basis of its impact on the network. They considered things like employees’ motivation, influence to the network, knowledge contribution, and potential improvements to the model. According to of the organizers of BFW Mexico, Diego Elizarrarrás, Omar Yunes also emerged the top during the national competition, and was able to beat the rest because of the role he has played of creating better relationship between franchisee and franchising.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Sushi Itto, Benjamin Cancelmo, said the award was a manifestation of employees’ effort to provide excellent services, quality hospitality and amazing flavors to their clients. According to Elizarrarrás, the award was an impression that Mexican franchises are not a regional affair anymore, but has ascended to global platform.

About  Omar Yunes

Omar Yunes is the brain behind establishment of Sushi Itto brand, which operates in different parts of Mexico, and other South American nations like El Salvador, Panama and Honduras. Omar has led Sushi Itto to greater heights, employing over 400 employees. The BFW awards recognize entrepreneurial skills and innovative achievements like Omar’s, which has led to rapid growth of his franchise.

This award was evidence of efforts put in place by Omar Yunes to enhance growth of his brand. In fact, Omar was honored across Mexico for achieving a great milestone in his career, putting other Mexican entrepreneurs on the same cause of being recognized internationally. The entrepreneur has fostered excellence customer service, hospitality and quality service delivery.

Phillies Have a Nice Problem at First Base – Two Power Packed Prospects


We’ve put a little over a month worth of games under our belt for 2017 Major League Baseball fantasy season, and already a couple young prospects have been bitten by the injury bug. Ironically, the next man up theory has taken over.



In Seattle, Rookie of the Year candidate Mitch Haniger went down in April, and Ben Gamel has been thrashing ever since his call up. Last Tuesday Gamel made his presence felt in Philadelphia, where another intriguing rookie may get his own chance, sooner than later.



In his first stretch in the minor leagues, Hoskins over the course of 200 games he hit 34 home runs. Nothing too spectacular, but scouts could see something in his swing during his trip through A-ball in 2014.



Last year he played a full season in AA for the Reading Fightin Phils and the power numbers exploded. In 498 plate appearances, he blasted 38 homers, 26 2-baggers and drove in 116 runs. Production that certainly must have current Phillies first baseman Thomas Joseph looking over his shoulder.



Rhys Hoskins started 2017 with Lehigh Valley, where he has continued to launch bombs for the IronPigs. Just 34 games into the AAA International League season, Hoskins has 8 home runs to go along with 26 RBIs.



His current batting average is an impressive .339, with 8 doubles in his 115 trips to the plate. Hoskins is the prototypical major league first baseman, standing 6’4″ and packing a solid 225 pounds on his 24-year-old frame.



If your fantasy league has a minor league spot on the roster, hard to pass up the kind of numbers that Rhys Hoskins is putting up. If you haven’t already taken a flier on him, now might be a good time, before someone else beats you to the opportunity.


Even if Thomas Joseph turns out as projected, this kid is going to play somewhere in a MLB lineup, and with the state of affairs in the City of Brotherly Love, don’t be surprised if he generates a lot of trade interest over the summer.

George Soros: America’s Most Compassionate Investor

George Soros is one of the most influential hedge fund managers in the United States. Although Soros is now worth an estimated $25.2 billion, he wasn’t born into a wealthy family. Soros was born in 1930 in Budapest, Hungary. Both of his parents were of Jewish descent. When the Nazis took over Hungary during World War II, Soros fled to England to avoid being sent to the German concentration camps. While in London, Soros enrolled in the London School of Economics where he studied philosophy under the influential Karl Popper. In order to finance his studies, Soros worked numerous menial jobs around the British capital.

After graduating the London School of Economics in 1954 with a Master’s degree in philosophy, Soros entered the financial world as a merchant banker in London. He then decided to moved to New York City in 1969. Once he arrived in NYC, Soros founded his own Wall Street hedge fund with $12 million. This hedge fund is now known as Quantum Fund. It wasn’t until 1992 that Soros had his first major success in the stock market. That’s the year Soros and fellow investor Stan Druckenmiller took a huge short bet on the British pound that racked in huge gains. It’s because of this famous short position that Soros is often called the “man who broke the Bank of England.” Soros now presides over the much larger Soros Fund Management, which has around $30 billion in assets. Read more at The New York Times about George.

While people involved in finance know of Soros as an investing legend, the general public is probably more familiar with his philanthropic work. Soros first became involved in politics during the 2004 U.S. presidential race. Ever since then, George Soros has been a staunch supporter of the Democratic Party, humanitarianism, and universal human rights. He set up the Open Society Foundations to donate grants to groups around the world dedicated to advancing social justice.

In recent years, Soros has donated millions of his own money to help the refugees coming into Europe as well as various civil rights groups in the USA. He was a prominent supporter of the Hillary Clinton campaign and he continues to be a strong critic of President Donald Trump’s policies. After President Trump was elected, Soros donated millions of dollars to various groups around the nation dedicated to fighting hate speech and racism. Learn more about his profile at businessinsider.com.

The driving force behind much of Soros’ activism has to do with his own experience of bigotry at the hands of the Nazis. He says discrimination of any kind should never be tolerated, no matter a person’s race or ethnicity. George Soros is currently married to his third wife Tamiko Bolton. He has a total of five children and lives in New York.

Mr. Brian Boner – An Individual With A Remarkable Business Background

Mr. Brian Boner is a highly successful financial person. He is the founder of Trucept Inc. Mr. Boner has a great business background. He has been the innovator in many reputed firms such as Dalrada Financial Corporation.

His triumph can be known by his technical experience. He is aware how to develop the structure for the business that works wonders. He got his degree in Bachelor’s in technical engineering from James Watt technical college. He has also received his Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Mr. Bonar has worked for IBM as a manager. He became the Director for QMS. Mr. Boner managed at least one hundred people there. He was also a manager for sales for Adaptec. Mr. Boner began his firm known as Bezier systems.

He has worked for some other companies before being successful with Dalrada financial services. He was remembered as a great colleague in that company. He has tremendous expertise in accessions and affiliations. He has got a great approach to life and is a genius of an engineer with innovative power of an architect.

Mr. Brian Boner got the Who’s Who in America in 2000. Mr. Boner like playing golf and also on boating trips. He spends ample time with his family. He showed his prowess and competence in Trucept Inc.

Trucept assists in to bring the alternatives to medium and small sized firms by finishing tasks for them. One work is about managing the payrolls of the companies. They help in managing their human resources administration and the various benefits to the employees.

The primary objective of the businesses is to concentrate on the firm’s business and also to make Trucept take care of the rest of the work. They make various plans and recommendations and provide the great environment in the firm.

Trucept facilitates long-term staffing alternatives and also assist the businesses with their taxes and requirements for payroll. They support the business ventures to manage their human resources paperwork correctly. Trucept assists with the management of risk and that is a vital aspect of beginning a highly successful business.

Mr. Brian Boner is a Scottish businessman established a restaurant in North County. He established his bistro, Bellamy’s Ponsaty’s present home. Mr. Bonar searched for staff at his best restaurants – El Bizcocho at Rancho Bernardo Inn. Bellamy’s came to the front of Trevor Da Costa. He engaged cook Mike Reidy as the Executive chef.

A huge aspect of Mr. Bonar’s restaurant’s mini-empire is a Ranch at Bandy Canyon. The primary objective of Mr. Bonar is to transform the 114-acre property into a 4-star event space with a signature restaurant. The finest food in San Diego is in Bellamy and is served by top class staff. Ponsaty is designing his awesome kitchen at the Ranch at Bandy Canyon.

Dr. Jim Tananbaum’s Career As A Successful Biotechnology Investor

Dr. Jim Tananbaum is an entrepreneur in the biotechnology industry. He holds a number of degrees, the first being his Bachelor’s Degree in Math and Computer Science. He graduated in 1989 from Harvard Medical School with his Doctor of Medicine and from MIT with his Master of Science in Information Theory. He is also a graduate of Harvard Business School, earning his MBA in 1991. His medical specialties include genetic epidemiology, clinical immunology, and clinical pharmacology.

It was in January 1991 that Dr. Jim Tananbaum started his professional career, co-founding GelTex. He served as both the Chief Executive Officer of this company, from the beginning of 1991 until the end of 1992, as well as a board member from January 1993 until January 1997. This company created non-systemic drugs and released two drugs with FDA approval, Renzela and Cholestagel. This company was acquired by Genzyme in 1997 for $1.6 billion.

In addition to serving on the board at GelTex, from 1993 to 1997 Dr. Tananbaum was a Partner at Sierra Ventures which was a healthcare services investment firm. Among the companies he invested in were CareSelect and Amerigroup. He left in 1997 in order to co-found Theravance which is a biopharmaceutical company with a diverse set of expertises.

In 2001, Dr. Tananbaum again co-founded a company in the biotechnology industry, Prospect Venture Partners, which was a venture capital firm that focused on investing in startup pharmaceutical companies. He was this company’s Managing Director and successfully led the company for 9 years.

Dr. Tananbaum founded Foresite Capital Management in 2010 and continues to lead the company as its CEO. This company, headquartered in San Francisco, invests in biotechnology firms with late-stage products. The type of companies he invests in includes those that make medical devices, healthcare services, genomics, diagnostics, and biotechnology. His wealth of experience and knowledge has led to him being a very effective investor including his being named to Inc. Magazines top 100 Investors Midas list for 2016.

See more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jim-tananbaum-a7562a7/

The Best Legal Help with Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali is one of the most competent lawyers in the country. He has been litigating for a number of cases for many decades now. His areas of expertise include personal injury cases, wrongful death cases, medical malpractices and especially business law. In case you have a legal issue that you need resolved, he is the best person to approach. Here, are a few of the things that you should know about hiring a lawyer before contacting this legal expert.

The first question that you will be asked when you hold a consultative meeting with Bruno Fagali is how much evidence you have to support your case. When it comes to personal injury or tort cases, understanding what evidence will be useful, will help determine whether the case is worth following or not. The best thing about engaging Bruno Fagali is that he goes out of his way to look into preliminary evidence, which helps him determine whether to proceed with the case or not.

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Bruno Fagali has dealt with so many cases that he knows the amount of money that should be paid in damages for different types of cases. When he is representing you, there is no need to worry about settling for less than what you deserve. In case the case does not get a favorable out of court settlement, Bruno Fagali is the person to engage with in the litigation process. He knows how to handle both judge and jury and make sure that you get a settlement that will be in your favor.

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Hussain Sajwani And DAMAC Give Back To The Community

There are many companies that are very successful but just don’t have the options that they need to make sure that they are helping their own communities. Hussain Sajwani and the company that he owns always does what they can to give back to the community and to help needy children with the problems that they have.

The DAMAC owner has worked hard to make sure that his company is successful and he believes that a major part of success comes from being able to help others out. He wants to make sure that he is doing what he can to help people out and make things better for needy children so that they can get more out of the lives that they have. It is something that he feels is his duty since he has been so successful.

For the Hussain Sajwani family, there is a lot more than what people are able to see with the DAMAC company. They have come a long way from where they once were and this is something that they have worked hard to be able to do. They want to make sure that they are getting everything that they can out of the company and that they are going to be able to have more opportunities for the people who they work with.

As far as Hussain Sajwani is concerned, helping out needy children is much more important than having a successful business but he is able to do both thanks to the way that he earned a lot of money.

The idea behind helping out children is something that Hussain Sajwani has always wanted to do even before DAMAC became extremely successful. He saw that there were many children who simply did not have a lot of opportunities and he wanted to be able to change that. Learn more about DAMAC owner: http://www.gulfconstructiononline.com/news/story/4267

He wanted children to have a chance at a good life and that meant that he was going to do everything that he could to make it happen. He wanted to see them be as successful as possible and created many opportunities for them.